Essential Baby Planner Partners with OSOA

More help for expectant mothers whose military husbands have been deployed

San Diego, CA – March, 18 2009 – Operation Showers of Appreciation, who has been working hard for years to get essential baby items to military families, announces today that it is expanding it’s reach by joining forces with Essential Baby Planner, the county’s first baby planning service. This is great news for San Diego’s military.

According to statistics, 60% of military families need financial aid. That’s not a comforting thought when starting a family. Operation Showers of Appreciation focuses on this specific population by throwing quarterly baby showers for 10 – 15 expecting moms. Always in need of sponsors and donations, Kimberly Felshaw, founder of Operation Showers of Appreciation, is great at seeking out opportunities.

“Our baby showers are gaining more and more visibility and we really need to be ahead of the game in order to maximize the help we can give to our military families,” says Felshaw. “That’s why it’s great to be teaming up with Essential Baby Planner. She knows exactly what we need for our moms-to-be and how to get the most bang for our buck.”

“I’ve been looking for a great charity that falls into the baby planning arena as well as helps out those who are near and dear to my heart,” adds Essential Baby Planner’s owner, Carrie Furet. “My husband was military, my dad was military and my grandfather was military. I know how hard it can be for military families just starting out and maybe not having a good support system.”

Essential Baby Planner is now pledging a portion of its proceeds to Operation Showers of Appreciation. And by joining forces, a new baby shower event has been added to the roster for San Diego! This new baby shower will be geared towards helping out military in the southern portion of San Diego like Mira Mar and 32nd Street.

About Operation Showers of Appreciation

Operation Showers of Appreciation organizes baby showers for expectant wives of military members who are away from their families and are in need of items to help take care of their babies. The Operation Showers of Appreciation mission is to honor our military families in a unique way by showering them with gifts for their newborn babies, providing support during difficult times, and letting them know the many sacrifices of both the families and military members are appreciated.

Learn more about Operation Showers of Appreciation by calling (949) 547-7780 or by visiting

About Essential Baby Planner

Getting ready for your bundle of joy is a little less stressful with a bundle of help.Essential Baby Planner, one of the nation’s few baby planner companies, assists moms (and dads!) with the details of planning for a baby’s arrival. From shopping to showers, Essential Baby Planner takes care of the necessary but inconvenient baby tasks such as creating baby registries, designing nurseries, sending announcements, and researching new and recalled baby products.

Learn more about Essential Baby Planner by calling 858-405-1913 or by visiting

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