Babychix Donates 40% of Camo Sales to OSOA

Babychix Provides Great Products, Helping Military Expectant Families

Babychix launched by a veteran of the fashion industry is helping military expectant families, while at the same time producing top-of-the-line gift items for baby showers and other special events.


PRLog (Press Release)Mar 02, 2011 – A new online venture launched by a veteran of the fashion industry is helping children in need, while at the same time producing top-of-the-line gift items for baby showers and other special events.

The company, called babychix, offers a unique line of products made specifically with the gift-giving and giggles that capture the “oohs” and “ahhs” at any baby shower. And, every time a customer places an order, a portion of the proceeds is donated to benefit children all over the United States through the company’s h.o.p.e. program.

“Helping children have better lives is not simply a nice gesture for us, but rather it is part of our business plan,” said Rochelle Drumm, founder of babychix. “As we grow and thrive as a company, so too will thousands of children who are in need of our help.”

Drumm has recently partnered with Operation Showers of Appreciation, an organization which hosts baby showers for expecting military moms. OSOA was featured in People Magazine in 2010 for their tireless efforts to make these moms feel special.

Courtney Faith Vera, Donations Coordinator, stated, “A soldier recently told me, “We are all we have.” Truer words have never been spoken. He learned that on a mountain in Afghanistan. If we don’t help our soldiers and their families who will?” As a Family Readiness Group Leader for the 79th Brigade Special Troops Battalion, Bravo Company, 79th Brigade Special Troops Battalion, columnist for the Lake Elsinore Wildomar Patch with AOL, …, wife of a National Guard Company Commander, mother of 2, and full time employee with Borowitz & Clark, LLP one begs to question how she manages it all.

When you ask her why she does it she says, “Someone has to help our soldiers and their families. The volunteers and contributors like babychix make it possible to assist these families. We have a baby shower every single month of the year right now.”

Babychix features a wide selection of great items that are perfect for baby showers and other special occasions. Its signature product is the ceramic keepsake diaper, which is available in three sizes and is great for floral arrangements, tabletop settings and for use as a holder for baby product containers on changing tables.

“So far, the babychix ceramic diaper has been making its rounds through the baby shower circuit with great success,” Drumm said. “We are thrilled about the buzz that we have already generated, and know that this is only the beginning.”

Babychix was born out of Drumm’s desire to build an organization from the ground up and make a positive contribution to the world at large. The company allows her to help kids and create products that celebrate a baby’s entry into the world.

The company will be donating 40% of proceeds on any camouflage purchase back to OSOA so they can continue to build a national organization and make a difference in moms lives and their families. For more information, visit or or

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